OMASSI was brought up by a Mother’s will to take care of the hypersensitive skin of her eight-week-old daughter. In a continuous search for the best natural products, based on the knowledge of the plants and their properties, she found unknown products until then and began to have increasingly healthy and conscious living habits. Since then, the desire to take care of this child’s skin has led to the desire to take care of other people’s skin. And the journey began!


Our mission is to make available to all the best natural and cruelty-free products, sharing healthy living habits and reducing waste. We believe that the use of natural cosmetics is, above all, a need. We know that skincare goes far beyond the care of our appearance, showing the way we feel and how we live in tune with the World around us.


Our product selection comes from nature, is good for the body and is animal friendly.

Most day-to-day cosmetic products are made of synthetic ingredients. The use of these components makes our body fight against them for its disposal. This is done everyday… That is why we say no to oil derivatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances. Our products are also never tested on animals and most of the ingredients come from organic farming.

  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Certified