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Amethyst Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is an amazing facial modeling instrument for contouring the face, jaw and neck. Improves blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, combating swelling (especially in the eye area).
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Gua Sha is a facial massage instrument that helps prevent wrinkles and relieve facial muscle tension. It has been used for over a thousand years to promote skin health, elasticity, tone and radiance, giving your skin incredible radiance. Before using your Gua Sha apply a serum. Gua Sha will improve its absorption on your skin.

Amethyst is the stone of protection, spirituality and healing.

Size: 8 X 5 X 0.6 cm

Material: Amethyst

How to use

Start at the center of the face and move outward with gentle but firm pressure. Massage from the center of the face, through the nose to the cheeks. Then massage the chin and forehead. Jaw: Gently pass the Gua Sha along the chin in an upward motion toward the ears. Gua Sha should be at an angle of 15 degrees – almost glued to the skin.

There are many films with indications of use. We recommend this one.