aplicações do óleo de coco na sua rotnia de beleza

7 ways to apply coconut oil in your beauty routine

Coconut oil has miraculous antioxidant properties, in addition to be a strong healing, as it is rich in lauric acid and rich in vitamin E, helping to repair skin marks.

It can be obtained from dry coconut or fresh coconut, being called refined or extra virgin coconut oil. Extra-virgin coconut oil brings the most benefits to health, as it does not go through processes of refinement and does not lose nutrients and besides that it does not contain artificial flavorings or preservatives.
If you are looking for ways to apply coconut oil on your skin, I will show you 7 good examples that will amaze you!

Coconut oil applications

  1. hair moisturizer
    Apply a few drops of coconut oil on your hair mask. Apply the mixture to your already shampooed hair. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

  2. face moisturizer and ally against acne and wrinkles
    Apply the coconut oil onto your face using circular motions. Let it dry and wash only the next day. With this treatment you will be able to moisturize your skin, reduce inflammation of the pores, close open pores, regenerate the skin preventing wrinkles, and lighten your dark circles.

  3. make-up remover
    Coconut oil easily removes makeup without the need to rub or press the skin. It also removes waterproof makeup. And while cleaning your face is also moisturizing it. Be careful in the eye area because it burns.

  4. body lotion
    It is quite nutritious and moisturizing, great for dry skin. Preferably apply after bath to be better absorbed by warm skin. Caution: Wait a little while before getting dressed so as not to stain clothing.

  5. exfoliating
    Mix half a cup of brown sugar (or sea salt) with coconut oil in equal quantity. For rough areas like the heels or elbows add a little more sugar or salt. And you will see how your skin will be soft …

  6. oral hygienizer
    Coconut oil proves to be an excellent ally in oral hygiene, eliminating bacteria present in the mouth, contributing to the prevention of cavities and other diseases, and giving luster or whitening. For effective bleaching results you should rinse for about 20 minutes.

  7. deodorant
    There are those who apply coconut oil directly into the armpits and say that it is a success. I can not say the same … I will share with you a recipe that was given to me a while ago (which I intend to try these hollidays).

Homemade deodorant recipe

Ingredients: 1/3 cup coconut oil, 2 tablespoons baking soda (on sensitive skins put on a little less), 1/3 cup of maize flour, 10 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil (due to their antiseptic properties)
Mix everything in a dark glass jar to maintain the properties of the essential oils. Wait a few minutes after the application to get dressed, in order to allow absorption.


Do not forget to buy coconut oil from cold extraction, and preferably from organic origin.
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20th june 2019